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Goodbye Dumaguete April 25, 2012

Goodbye Dumaguete

Location Google Map: Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Drifting With The Flow
Moving out of Dumaguete is a deja vu. When I embarked on leaving Sagada 3 years ago with no destination in mind, I was trembling. There was a crack in my voice when I told my yoga classmates then, what I planned on doing. When I left Manila 2 years ago for Dumaguete, I was calmer. Now, I leave Dumaguete with no destination in mind, feeling excited at how life unravels on the open road. With no home or a homebase, I am unshackled from a crutch - home is where I lay my weary back at the end of the day. I'd let myself flow with the tide, drifting from one destination to the next. I would stay in a place only while it works out - a day? a week? a few months? It doesn't matter how long or short. At some point, the need to move on will resurface and the pattern repeats itself.

Goodbye Dumaguete
at Adeladiva with friends and strangers

A Vestige of Home
Unlike before where I still kept my belongings at different places for 'safekeeping', I've now nearly disposed of everything I own - garage sale, charity, gifting, etc. I've paid my last rent, water, utilities and had my phone line disconnected. No more rent to worry about. Ideally, I'd like to keep only the things that will fit into my backpack...and nothing else. I'd been saying that for the longest time, but I still feel attached to some things that mean so much to me. When I can finally dispose of them, and not own anything on the planet but what's in my backpack, then I know I am detached from any material encumbrance.

Bridal Material
Dumaguete was a cradle for the last 2 years. It was home where I've met warm, decent and festive people, feasted on its delicacies and regional specialties, climbed its Mt. Talinis, scuba-dived its animated coral reefs and walked its quaint Boulevard during my quiet moments. Not unlike real life, if Dumaguete was a woman, she'd be bridal material - the one you want to grow old with and spend the rest of your life with. But sometimes, even as perfect as the woman might be, the restlessness within overrules - yes, not unlike real life.

Coconut Insider
Dumaguete is also a process for me. Dumaguete is where the money dried up, for the first time in my life, causing me to rethink a different way to make a living. In hindsight, I needed to go through that, if only to better appreciate what I have and what I can further do. Through the humiliation of debt, I took on designing and developing a social enterprise that took me out of debt and created a mandate that I still continue to pursue - Now, I have to take it to the next step which also means leaving Dumaguete. Or at least, that is what logic dictates. I somehow use that as a pretext for leaving.

A Relationship
Some people have lived in the same place for decades - nothing wrong with that. Where I find clarity is to regard a place as a relationship, no different from friendship, and no different from a relationship with a partner - that it has to work both ways along the lines of give and take, that it has to feel right, that it has to nurture a fertile environment for growth, and also, that it's only good while the moment lasts - nothing is forever, no matter how disheartening that may sound. Sometimes, you'll just have to love something (or someone) from a distance.

A Natural Order of Things
Here comes the spacy part. I believe that everything around us complies with the natural order of things - it's not random chaos. Perhaps this is what Einstein meant when he said, "God does not play dice". The planets keep their orbit around their sun, solar systems spiral within their galaxy, we see a cyclical procession of the seasons, electrons orbit neutrons and protons, etc. From the biggest out there (galaxies in our universe) to the infinitesimally small (particles at the quantum level), there is a governing natural law to which we all comply with. Stay with me...I have a point here. I maintain that that same law acts upon all of us to flow a certain way, to make things happen a certain way.

Keeping Control
We don't see this subtle Flow in our daily lives because we are creatures of control. We over-ride this law (free will?). We want to control ourselves and we want to control our environment. That's reasonable. I've done many variations of this control-thing, doing whatever it takes to meet an end. It usually entails a lot of work, time, money and resources. At some point, I get there, only to find out it really wasn't what I was looking for. In sharp contrast, when you let go and allow things to happen, (ie, being with the Flow) you find yourself at the right place at the right time, meeting the right people who are instrumental in getting you where you want to go, having opportunities knock on your door one after another, etc. It's better than printing money!

The Flow of the Collective Whole
So now, keeping faith that this benevolent universe has its best intention for me, what if I abandon control (by not choosing a destination) and just let things happen, ever-so-mindful of what path is being blazed for me by this collective law. Where will it ultimately take me? What is there to realize? Yes, I'm just the observer, being anchored only by my ethical tenets of right and wrong. Spacy, eh?

Ending Thoughts
Increasingly, leaving a nurturing place is becoming a repeating pattern that I've resigned myself to as an inevitable fate if I am to continue for my search. I used to think I was in search of the proverbial waterfall, or the next magnificent life lurking around the bend. But thinking long and hard about it, I'm in search of something I don't really know. And honestly? I hope I never find it.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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Jeanette Jane S. RomeroJane Romero
(May 3, 2012) hhhhhmmmmm...... ?! :) just stay on the safe side always.... !!:)

Tony AnchetaTony Philippines
Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe
(Apr 26, 2012) Quo vadis?

Zelda IndalZelda Indal
(Apr 26, 2012) Hey Gitttttttttt! Whatashame we weren't able to hang out before you left. I'm pretty sure we'll bump into each other one day. Good luck Git :)

Olette HiladoOlette Hilado
(Apr 25, 2012) Good luck Gigit! Nice to have met you even for such a short time. Keep in touch!

Val LuistroVal Luistro
(Apr 25, 2012) see you again, around the bend :D

Threefifty NorThreefifty Nor
(Apr 25, 2012) thank you for everything Gigit!! keep safe!

Gift Sarne-RegaladoGift Sarne-Regalado
(Apr 25, 2012) Nooo!! but i just met you!!and i haven't read the book and I still have to do asanas and pranayamas with you!! Drats! wish there is a dislike button..:( ...There are no goodbyes. It is just goodnight and see you soon!!

Greg MoralesGreg Morales
(Apr 25, 2012) updates from the edge!!!

Angelo VillanuevaAngelo Philippines
(Apr 25, 2012) No goodbyes just TTFN ~ Ta Ta for now....

Ruthlyn D. SantanderRuth Santander
(Apr 25, 2012) Gigit! Howdy? Im glad to bond w/ yah in Dgte... Time was kind w/us able shared moments even in a while. God willing will meet again (^_^) take care & God bless

Menka Ponce de LeonMenka Ponce de Leon
(Apr 25, 2012) Hi Gigit! May you find what you're looking travels and more adventures! Keep safe, buddy!

Jay MendiolaJay Mendiola
(Apr 25, 2012) Zamboanga, Cebu... lots of nice places to stay I'm sure. I lived in Cebu before (Mandaue)... almost did not leave.

Macel MalacamanMacel Malacaman
(Apr 25, 2012) May you enjoy the journey, Gigit! It was great meeting you and sharing a kuripot pizza in Dumaguete:) Let me just say bon voyage and may the next journey lead you to much more discoveries! Cheers lonerider!:)

Claire MadarangClaire Philippines
(Apr 25, 2012) what you said about hoping you never find it reminds me of one of my favorite poems, Ithaka

Mel BasconMel Bascon
(Apr 25, 2012) Safe travels Git....Come and visit again someday...hope you're going far....take care....

(Apr 25, 2012) yay! more adventures! see you on july dear. wish you great travel. *hugs*

Michelle Arabella Villanueva Michelle Arabella Villanueva
(Apr 25, 2012) One of the best parts of this trip was meeting new friends. Glad I did before you left. Safe travels Gigit!

Glenn ClavanoGlenn Clavano
(Apr 25, 2012) enjoy your journey bro <{{{{>{

Jojie AlcantaraJojie Alcantara Philippines
(April 2012) Stumbled into your interesting blog. Many happy searching, finding, and wandering away. :-)

Joni Gualvez VillamilJoni Gualvez Villamil
(April 2012) haay gigit u didn't say u were leaving for good. anyway, i owe u a "cuppa," as u always call it. :-) if not in dumags then maybe elsewhere. you take care and God keep u safe wherever you may be this time. kp in touch via fb. God bls!

Sherwin LemonSherwin Lemon
(April 2012) I'm in search of something I don't really know. And honestly? I hope I never find it. ~ @gigit sulit ~.

Jessie Villabona SeverinoJessie Philippines
Iyengar Yoga Teacher
(April 2012) I wish you a wonderful journey ahead, Gigit.

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  • Eat Paklay, a local delicacy made of pork inards. Popular in Dumaguete's roadside eating places
  • Try any of the lechon manok (chicken roasted on a spit) that's scattered all over the city
  • Try the torta bread (bread made with fermented coconut nectar) - you find that along the highway in Dauin...or the Dumaguete Public Market
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    5. Splash on Pulangbato Falls and Hot Spring - via Palinpinon road towards PNOC. Great to dip-in after a day's hike or for hot lazy days
    6. Climb Mt. Talinis. At 1864 meters, it lords over Negros Oriental, and home to endemic and rare species of flora and fauna.
  2. Dauin
    1. Dive on Apo Island - best for scuba and turtle watching
    2. Dive on Dauin's District 1 Marine Reserve - best spot for snorkelling - 10K grouper, turtles, cuttlefish, Titan Triggerfish, etc. This is only one of many marine reserves dotting the Dauin coastline.
    3. Soak in Baslay Hot Spring
  3. Sibulan
    Go to Balinsasayao Twin Lakes - two lakes almost 1000 meters above sea level
  4. Siquijor
    Take the ferry to Siquijor - stay in Siquijor overnight
  5. Zamboanguita
    Visit Malatapay Market on a Wednesday and try their lechon, tuba, and grilled fish
  6. Bais
    Go dolphin watching and swim on the sandbar
  7. Mabinay
    Rappel down Mabinay Caves
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    Experience Lake Balanan

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