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Mystery Lady of GenSan Dec 15, 2012

Mystery Lady of GenSan

Chance Meeting at Taps and Mix
As I was leaving the Taps and Mix wifi cafe, I saw an attractive woman alight from her SUV. She was stunning (at least that's the lingering impression I have from that brief episode...or maybe because she was wearing shorts...I don't know!). To my surprise, when she saw me, she gave me this pleasantly surprised look and said, "You're TheLoneRider! I read your blogs!" Wow! What are the odds? I introduced myself and apologized that I was in a rush - but asked her to email me through this site.

So Long, Mystery Lady
I was actually excited to meet a new soul. It's not everyday I meet someone new and interesting. I didn't get the email, but she left a comment on my previous blog saying she was amazed seeing me in Gen San - but no contact info! Darn! I'm now speculating that perhaps she's married or taken. If that's the case, she'll remain as that enigmatic mystery lady from Gen San I'll never see again.

You Have Mail!
I thought that was it until I received an email:

Dec 7 (email)
Lady: I am the amazed (and still amazed) person you saw outside Taps. If you're still in GenSan, maybe we can have coffee. That is, if you're not too busy.

TheLoneRider: ...finally, I get a name from the mystery lady of GenSan...ha-ha.... I am always busy but never too busy for a leisurely conversation over coffee with someone I already find interesting. Let me know time and place and I'd be happy to meet you again - this time, having quality time on my hands.

Lady: I always follow your blogs, that's why I know you're still in GenSan. It's like tele-novela to me. No, i think its more of a National Geographic thing. I go places just by reading them. How long will you stay?

TheLoneRider: I don't really know. When it's time, I'll know.

Lady: Will you be available tomorrow? How about lunch?

TheLoneRider: How about you be my breakfast guest? It's usually just me eating alone. Your company is most welcome. I'll be all ears as your tell me all about your travels...from the pages you've read :)

I don't even remember what we talked about, or what we ordered, but time stopped as we laughed, ate, talked and then talked some more. This lovely lady in front of me whose existence I never knew until a few days ago, seemed like a lifelong friend I haven't seen in years.

Pacquiao Fight
After breakfast, she brought me to her friend's place where we watched the Pacquiao fight. The food was great, the group company was warm, but the fight was horrible. I stood up in shock as Pacquiao's face fell flat on the canvas. She intimated later on that during breakfast, she was sizing me up if she can introduce me to her friends. I'm glad I made the grade.

Sarangani Highlands
Later on, she drove me out of the city to an elevated resort / restaurant overlooking the waters - Sarangani Highlands. It was a wonderful place to chillout, have coffee and have an engaging conversation far from the hustle and bustle of city noise. Again, time stopped as we finished our meal, walked around the resort, sat in a park bench and talked some more. It was already dark by the time we left. Already, I knew I was with someone special.

We went back to the city where she took me to SM's Shabu-Shabu restaurant. I had no clue how things worked there, but the food she prepared was excellent. I ate as much as I talked. I liked the way she cooked the food for us both. As my host, she was impeccably gracious. It's been ages since someone's done that for me. As fiercely independent as I see myself, I welcome a little pampering with the right company.

It was late by the time the day ended for us. We were both surprised how things just happened spontaneously. We were together the entire day, practically inseparable. The last time I had this happen to me with a woman, we ended up being together for 3 years. It's even uncanny they both have the same age. She was forthcoming in telling me this is not her usual way of entertaining a newfound friend. Even for me, it's not.

Layered Dimension
The following days were similar to the first...going out, eating lots, and enjoying the lengthy conversation as we shared our private thoughts about life, about ideals and about the challenges we face. I tried to share as much of me as I can - my insights, yoga, fears and aspirations. From appreciating the fun of the moment, I was developing a profound appreciation for the person who just mysteriously showed up in my life. She's strong-willed, an iconoclast who shun outdated modes of social thinking. She's down-to-earth carrying integrity and honesty as she braves the day-to-day, dealing with the many dependencies of a few companies weighing on her shoulders. I found her evolved, smart, real, beautiful and accomplished. It's not everyday I see these qualities. And now, I am at ringside seat amazed at this woman before me.

It's Not What You Think
My apologies if I strung you along this far, because it's not what I aluded you into thinking. We didn't become a couple. No one crossed that line or even insinuated any romantic undertone. The friendship remained wholesome and platonic the entire time. For me, that whole intimacy was tempered by restrain, mindful that the slippery slope brings difficulties on calm placid waters. I kept reminding myself that I was liking her a little more than I should. She was my best reason for staying indefinitely in GenSan. But here's the rub: she's happily married. She was also my best reason for leaving.

Davao Blues
Now in Davao, I miss her presence. As a general rule, specially given my nomadic life, I don't miss anyone or anything - I don't even allow it. I simply move on. This time though, I cut myself some slack. I texted:

Dec 17 (text)
TheLoneRider: ...aimlessly wandering about Davao feeling your absence :(

Lady: I felt that yesterday as I was walking around SM. I miss our talks at the end of the day.

TheLoneRider: The world ends in a few days...lovely to be having wine and laughs with you when it happens :)

Lady: That's a nice thought. Seeing the end of the world and looking back how we went through life until everything stops.

--- TheLoneRider

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How to Get to Gen San from Manila

  1. all major airlines have a flight to Gen San - Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Phil, etc.
  2. unlike some airports where you just cross the street and flag down a jeep, it's more expensive from Gen San Airport - you can take a multicab or taxi (P~350) - jeeps or tricycles are not allowed inside the airport, and won't be waiting outside.

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Reader Comments:

Mystery lady of GensanMystery Lady of Gensan
(Dec 20, 2012) ...just read it...ikaw talaga :)

(Dec 27, 2012) I wonder why I left GenSan to be alone here in Mati during the holidays. But then again, I am reminded why I had to leave in the first place. I value our friendship. And I miss it. I can leave it at that. Your friendship has been a gift to me by my benevolent universe. As such, I treat it delicately...with affection and gratitude. Best of the holidays to you, my dear.

Mystery lady of GensanMystery Lady of Gensan
(Jan 8, 2013) I can still find time to think of you at the end of the day...always hoping that you are safe. Miss you too. Just take care.

Laiza LimpinLaiza Philippines
(Dec 9, 2012) you two finally met..yey! inlab! ayeeeeeh! kilig2 oh.. haha

Dec 15, 2012

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