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Exploring Malumpati Spring with Phaidon Beach Resort Tours Dec 4-6, 2016

Exploring Malumpati Spring with Phaidon Beach Resort Tours

GPS waypoint: 11°46'01.8"N 122°04'35.3"E
Location: Guia (barangay), Pandan (municipality), Antique (province)

Malumpati Spring
Malumpati Spring is the main draw in Pandan. With the town's proximity to Boracay, it's becoming increasingly popular to Boracay denizens, although it has long been popular to the people of Panay. The spring source itself is not available for swimming but can be viewed through a guided hike - the swim area is further downstream. There is so much water coming out of the spring that it spawns the Bugang River that goes through Brgy. Sto. Rosario and Brgy. Guia before emptying out into the sea. The locals refer to the spring as resembling a human body...the head (about 15"x15") which is a water source, the chest (about the size of a basketball court) which is also a water source. Both are connected via a subterranean passage.

Therapeutic Water
The spring water is claimed by the locals to be therapeutic. Kids who used to swim at the spring source back in the day, remained healthy and free from illness. Today, most of the drinking water in Pandan and nearby villages is sourced from Malumpati Spring. Stoked by that info, I drank from the spring itself and even filled-in my water bottles with it - my precious!

How Deep is Malumpati Spring?
In the early 2000s, 2 Australian scuba divers attempted to determine the depth of the spring but were unable to. Accordingly, (I could not find this info on the internet), the upward push of the spring water and its depth kept the divers from reaching the bottom. They estimated the depth at 160 feet! That was the first and last attempt made.

Exploring Malumpati Spring with Phaidon Beach Resort Tours
cool, clean and cold water

Phaidon Beach Resort Package Tour
I went to Malumpati Spring twice - first on my own (just to swim) and second, as part of the Phaidon Beach Resort package tour which included a/c van transportation, resort guide, lunch, drinks (including beer), the swim, trek to the spring source, zip-lining, wall climbing and rapelling. Yes, it was a handful.

Bugang River Swim Area
The general swimming area on Bugang River (the spring itself is still upstream) is about 15 feet deep with a 2-level diving board to wit. The water is clean, clear and cold, with practically no current, making it safe and secure. There were little fishes and the bottom was mostly stones. I could see the bottom from the banks.

Still within the area is the ziplining facility. For P200/pax, you get to do 2 zip-lines crossing the Bugang River. First zipline is 200 meters. You hike a little uphill to take the 300-meter 2nd zipline back to the 13-meter tower.

Wall Climbing
Back to the same tower, rock-holds were installed on one wall for a wall-climb (P50/pax). They provide the harness and belayer, but you have to bring your climbing shoes...or go barefoot, which isn't the best thing. If you are a fist timer, it could be challenging, even if you can choose whatever rock-hold within reach.

Wall Rapelling
Once reaching the top, it was time to rapel down. The belayer knows just how much slack and release to let go for that smooth descent. For first timers, it's a perfect way to play SWAT commando.

Ending Thoughts
Malumpati Spring is truly majestic...the unfathomable depth, the purity (zero-bacteria level according to the UP testers), the therapeutic benefit, the volume of water output and the refreshing dip! Pandan is blessed to have such wonder, and the Pandan residents are blessed to have such a spring.

This beauty is very similar to the Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur in Hinatuan - a clean, clear spring source 80 feet deep with enough water coming out of it to spawn its own river. Both of them are must-visits in my book.

--- TheLoneRider

Next stop: Libertad

at Malumpati...water flow is regulated on my first visit, I came early. It was still quiet water-tube area upriver view
limestone wall hidden by vegetation lodging place under construction more construction underway at Malumpati Spring bamboo raft man
with the manangs...behind us is more construction taking a moment with Malumpati staff chill before the jump
water is cold and refreshing feeling all good callihg it a day...on my first visit even after a strong rain the night before, the water doesn't get milky
bamboo bridge crossing part of the trek was going inside a shallow cave the bathing area as upstream as it gets before the source continuing with the trek with the UK couple
at the spring source, the 'chest'...drinking the water straight without disturbing the water another view of the 'chest' spring source at the 'head' water source can't help it...unsupported Crow Asana
feeling Tarzan surreal feeling being on this branch and 160-ft depth just below me going ape over this tree back at the bathing area...the current is strong
the water-tubers passing by ...and arriving at the general swimming area with Noel, our guide from Phaidon Beach Resort with the rest of the guests from Phaidon Beach Resort
Richard on the zipline ...followed by his wife now on the wall climb going up and rapelling down

Google Map Pandan, Philippines

tourist attractions in Pandan tourist attractions
  • Malumpati Spring in Pandan Malumpati Spring - clean, clear and cold spring water
  • Pandan Pandan - main town and municipality for Malumpati
  • Sto. Rosario Junction in Pandan Sto. Rosario Junction - this is the landmark for the turn to Malumpati from the main highway
  • Bugang River in Guia Bugang River in Guia - alternative swimming with same Malumpati Spring water
hotels in Pandan beach resort hotel
  • Phaidon Beach Resort - white sand | beach house | scuba diving | resto and bar | house reef
    Pandan, Antique, Philippines
  • Pandan Beach Resort - packaged tour to Malalison Island, floating gazebo, beachfront resto, hammocks, souvenir shop
    Barangay Dionela, Pandan, Antique

How to get to Malumpati Spring

  1. from Boracay - take the Ceres Bus bound for Iloilo (via Pandan and not via Capiz). Get off at the Libertad Junction. There should be tricycles there to take you to Malumpati Spring
  2. from Pandan - you may have to take a tricycle to the bus terminal or better yet, take a tricycle bound for the hospital and wait for the bus there - same P10 rate but you're closer to Malumpati. Take the northbound Ceres Bus bound for Libertad (not Kalibo) and get off at the Sto. Rosario Junction (P10, 10 mins). At Sto. Rosarion junction, take another tricycle for Malumpati Spring (P50, 15 min). There is a paved road all the way to the resort area.

How to get back to Pandan from Malumpati Spring

  • take a tricycle to the main highway (P50, 15 min). You can take another tricycle bound for Pandan which locals take (P15, 15 mins). On the highway, you can also wait for the Ceres Bus bound for Pandan (but you may have to overshoot Pandan and get off at the terminal - this means you take another tricycle ride back!). The local politics of Pandan is mired in self-interest!


  • as a cheaper alternative, try swimming instead at Bugang River in Guia. It's the same river spawned by Malumpati Spring. This is where the locals now go for a free swim on the river. Go there on the high tide - the spring water and the sea water combine to make it swimmable, otherwise, it would be too shallow.

Malumpati Spring Fees

  • P40 registration (mandatory)
  • P100 picnic huts
  • P200 water tubing
  • P150 guided hike (guide is mandatory for the trek)
  • P200 zip lining (200 meters + 300 meters)
  • P50 rapelling (13 meters)
  • P50 wall climbing (13 meters)
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Reader Comments:

Dulce CapadociaDulce USA
(Dec 14, 2016) Takes a great deal of guts to do what you are doing, my friend Gigit. Travel safely always.

Rachel ConsingRachel Philippines
(Dec 14, 2016) It's Tarzan! Hi Git. Glad you're having such a great time.

Alexander BangcayaAlex Philippines
Lyconet Americas
(Dec 14, 2016) You're living the dream brother!!! Keep it up... Take care...

Dec 4-6, 2016

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