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Exploring Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, Tibiao Nov 24, 2016

Exploring Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, Tibiao

GPS waypoint: 11°19'19.9"N, 122°05'26.38"E
Location: Barangay Tuno, Tibiao (municipality), Antique (province), Philippines

Christmas Party
The trip to Tibiao from Boracay was to celebrate an early Christmas party for the Boracay and Tibiao staff of SandCastles and Kayak Inn. The van we rode took a side-trip to the public market for ice and food, including a 10-kilo Tangigue (Spanish Mackerel). At Kayak Inn, 2 lechons were roasted on a spit. It was a promise of good eats to come.

Kayak Inn
Kayak Inn is a picturesque mountain resort on the banks of the Tibiao River where white water kayaking can be enjoyed by the rapids. Kayak Inn also pioneered the hot kawa bath which has now become a town craze with a myriad of copy cats. The nipa huts offer lodging for an extended stay. This would be my home for the next couple of days.

Bugtong Bato Waterfalls
Bugtong Bato Waterfalls is a 20-minute hike from Kayak Inn. There is a mandatory guide-fee of P150/guide from the barangay station - a group of 5 necessitates 2 guides. The falls has 7 levels altogether but only the first 3 levels are frequented by visitors. The 7th level is quite a distance away further up in elevation - it requires a different route through the mountain, but it's visible from the rice terraces area. The trek and rope climb to the plunge pools in the first 3 levels make it a complete experience.

Exploring Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, Tibiao
hydrating on water spring near the falls

Ending Thoughts
Bugtong Bato is a complete surprise to me. The waterfalls is spectacular and the plunge pool makes it even better. On the higher levels, the use of ropes give it an added adrenaline kick. With the falls, the hot kawa bath and white-water kayaking, Tibiao makes it as a worthwhile destination when in Panay Island.

--- TheLoneRider

Next stop: white-water river kayaking

short stop at the market for ice and food sad to see these magnificent reef creatures end up on someone's plate Edwin cutting up lechon lots of food on the table...Christmas in November
Vida would be my guide at Kayak Inn en route to Bugtong Bato Waterfalls with SandCastles staff and Abbey all smiles as we neared the falls arriving at the first level
arriving at the 2nd level and looking down at people on the first level going up the 3rd level using ropes getting there plunge-pool at the 3rd level
refreshing dip the 7th level could be seen from the rice terraces area the flat rocks make it an ideal meditation spot..maybe next time the center plunge pool offers enough depth for a dive
Tyler making the dive Abbey isn't far behind with our main man Leo was our guide from the barangay
chill zone vertical drop    
Kayak Inn, Tibiao, Antique

Kayak Inn

white water river kayaking
hot kawa-bath | native lodging
Google Map | Facebook | Tripadvisor
GPS: 11°19'04.55"N, 122°04'38.24"E
Tibiao, Antique, Philippines
(63) 922.701.4648
Tribal Adventures Tibiao

Tribal Adventures Tibiao

town tour on a mountain bike
waterfall trek | rice terraces trek
Google Map | Facebook | Tripadvisor
GPS: 11°19'04.55"N, 122°04'38.24"E
Tibiao, Antique, Philippines
(63) 998 999 3049

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Nov 24, 2016

Google Map Tibiao, Philippines

tourist attractions in Tibiao tourist attractions
  • Hot Kawa Bath at Kayak Inn Hot Kawa Bath - Kayak Inn is the original provider of the hot kawa bath with scenic and elevated river view. It has been featured in Matanglawin TV show with Kim Atienza
  • white water kayaking in Tibiao River at Kayak Inn White Water River Kayaking - only Kayak Inn offers this service with full support crew - guide and porters
  • Bugtong Bato Waterfalls in Tibiao Bugtong Bato Waterfalls - 7 levels of waterfalls. The first 3 levels are popular and accessible. It has plunge pools with rope climbs to the 3rd level. The 7th level can be reached via a different route - it is far and high up but can be seen from the rice terraces.
  • Pottery Making in Tibiao Pottery Making - a demo is done on how to make a clay pot. You can also roll up your sleeve and do it yourself
  • fish spa in Tibiao Fish Spa - get your dead skin nibbled-off by little fishes
  • Tibiao Bakery in Tibiao Tibiao Bakery - they bake their bread using wood burning ovens. It's famous in the whole Panay Island. The location in Tibiao is the original bakery
hotels in Tibiao lodging
  • Kayak Inn Kayak Inn - nipa hut cottages by the river, breakfast included + hot kawa bath + river kayaking
    GPS: 11°19'04.55"N, 122°04'38.24"E
    Location: Barangay Tuno, Tibiao (municipality), Antique (province), Philippines
tours in Tibiao tours

Tibiao Cost Index

(US$1 = PHP 49.73 as of Nov 30, 2016)
  • PHP 1000/pax river kayak and hot kawa bath combo at Kayak Inn
  • PHP 200/pax hot kawa bath at Kayak Inn
  • PHP 500 one night lodging in a nipa hut at Kayak Inn
  • PHP 50 barangay entrance fee (not sure if the barangay can legally unilaterally do this)
  • PHP 150 guide fee for the waterfalls
  • PHP 70/trip motorcycle ride from Importante Junction to Kayak Inn, one-way but per trip, not per person

How to Get to Tibiao from Boracay

  • from Boracay, take a Ceres Bus bound for Iloilo. Get off at the Tibiao Municipality

How to Get to Kayak Inn (Tibiao) from Boracay

  • from Boracay, take a Ceres Bus bound for Iloilo. Get off at the Importante Junction (this is immediately after Tibiao Municipality)
  • at the junction, take a motorcycle to take you to Kayak Inn, P70/trip, one-way, 15 mins. CAUTION: some motorcycle drivers will sell you into going to other kawa resorts and may even say unfavorable things about Kayak Inn - they are being paid commission by the competing kawa providers.

Things to do, Places to go in Tibiao

  1. Hot Kawa Bath - kawa, shaped like an oversized wok, originally designed to cook muscovado sugar, is fired-up using bamboo with water and a few herbal leaves for a hot soaking bath. Kayak Inn is the original hot kawa provider with elevated river view.
  2. White-Water River Rafting - at Kayak Inn, river kayaks with tour guides are provided for a 30 minute splash into the Tibiao River
  3. Bugtong Bato Waterfall - 7 levels of waterfall. The first 3 levels are the most popular and hike-friendly. The 7th level is high-up and far-out requiring a different route. Kayak Inn offers guided treks.
  4. Beach - although not as pristine as Boracay beach, if you are in Tibiao, you might as well give it a try - black sand with big flat stones by the beach
  5. Pottery - clay pottery is demonstrated but you can also roll-up your sleeve and try your hand at it
  6. Tibaio Bakery - in all of Panay Island, Tibiao Bakery is popular and has somewhat become a tourist attraction. They bake their bread in wood-burning ovens
  7. Fish Spa - you can dip your feet by the oversize fish aquarium and have the fish eat up your dead skin - ticklish sensation

Suggested itinerary on the WEST coast of Panay Island from Boracay going south

  1. Boracay - most popular beach in the Philippines
  2. Malay - Nabaoy River, Pangihan Cave, Nagata Falls, Agnaga Falls, Naasug Point, Malay Ecological Park, Motag Living Museum
  3. Nabas - wind tubines, Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs
  4. Pandan - Malumpati Spring
  5. Libertad - Maanghit Cave, Ati Cave and Bungan-Bungan Spring
  6. Sebaste - Igpasungaw Waterfall
  7. Culasi - Malalison Island
  8. Tibiao - hot kawa-bath, white water river rafting, Bugtong Bato Waterfall, rice terraces, Tibiao Bakery, pottery, fish spa
  9. Anini-y - Nogas Island, scuba diving

Suggested itinerary on the EAST coast of Panay Island from Boracay going south

  1. Boracay - most popular beach in the Philippines
  2. Malay - Nabaoy River, Pangihan Cave, Nagata Falls, Agnaga Falls, Naasug Point, Malay Ecological Park, Motag Living Museum
  3. Nabas - wind tubines, Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs
  4. Kalibo - Bakhawan Eco-Park, Tigayon Hill
  5. Tambak - oysters
  6. Capiz - Roxas City
  7. Carles | Estancia - Gigantes Island Boat Tour, Lighthouse of Gigantes Island and Bakwitan Cave of Gigantes Island
  8. Iloilo - Batchoy Indulgence
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Tibiao Blogs by TheLoneRider

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