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2024: A Year in Review Dec 31, 2024

2024: A Year in Review

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2024 in a Nutshell

2024 started out with me wanting to leave Siquijor for interaction and stimulation in a small city. Bacolod and Cebu City had the urban amenities/interaction I was looking for, but they didn't outweigh the abundance in Siquijor.

Prospects for 2024

I'd like to pursue my online/studio yoga classes with Marky as my business partner. As a general rule, I work alone. But Marky is reliable, honest and easy to deal with. I'll worry about yoga and he'll take care of everything else. He'll be my go-to guy, videographer and marketing guy. Ideally, I'll negotiate the deals with the yoga studios and conduct the workshop.

Siquijor (Jan 9, 2023 - Apr 18, 2024)

2024 started out with me wanting to leave Siquijor for interaction and stimulation in a small city - one year in an isolated island living a monk's life was enough. I took 10 days in Jan-Feb to visit Bacolod, San Carlos, Toledo and Cebu City.

But I was also torn. In Lazi, Siquijor where I lived, I have 3 magical moments daily that I couldn't have in the city - sunrise yoga by the seawall (expansive alfresco setting, sea breeze, clean air and yoga space), Bolo Bolo Spring (for bike workout destination, dipping, water consumption and laundry rinsing) and sunset yoga by the seawall. These are the main take-aways not to mention eating fresh fish, drinking refreshing natural spring water for my water consumption, drinking pure tuba (fermented coconut sap), sourcing pure tableya (cacao tablet for sikwate drink), and cheap rent at P3k/month.

2024: A Year in Review
Lazi's seawall is always magical at sunrise and sunset

2024: A Year in Review
at my daily natural spring bath

Downside if I continue to stay? Isolation, heat, and noise. If I move to a quiet space within Lazi, that's one down. But what if I keep the house in Siquijor and do a monthly workshop in some of the nearby cities? I get my magical spot in Siquijor and get interaction as well. That's probably the best of both worlds.

Call to action? Move to a quiet place in Lazi and develop workshops for Cebu, Dumaguet, Bacolod and Iloilo. It all came down to wishful thinking. I was out of Siquijor before I knew it.

Bantayan Island (Mar 23-26, 2024)

While in Cebu City, I went to Bantayan with Marky to explore the place for a possible long-term residency - Siquijor wasn't bad, but I was looking for a "WOW" factor. After 3 days, I set my eyes on it as a permanent place to grow roots. It called out, the energy was positive and I met people who resonated with me - Audrey, the 3 siters (Charmagne, Joy and Gina) and Leonidas. Upon coming back to Siquijor, I sold the heavy and bulky stuff (LPG, stove, water dispenser, lounge chair, etc.). I packed my 2 heavy/bulky luggage and tried loading them on my motorbike - yikes, it was an accident waiting to happen. Instead, I loaded it on the bus bound for Cebu City without me. Ivan, at Hostel 7 Cebu, picked them up for temporary storage. Before leaving Siquijor, I received an invite from Joan of Fox and the Firefly Cottages to be one of the teachers for the Bohol Yoga Festival. It was inconvenient while doing my move, but of course, I said Yes, thinking I'll head back to Cebu after the festival, get my stuff and begin a new chapter in my life in Bantayan Island. Wrong!

Bohol (Apr 18 - XXXX)

Bohol was supposed to be a 3-day seque for the Bohol Yoga Festival. After that, my plan was to continue to Cebu City, get my stuff and continue my journey to Bantayan Island to start a new chapter. Little did I know this festival was the genesis for a string of events that would keeps me in Bohol.

Bohol Yoga Festival
(Apr 20-22, 2024) This event was super fun and the participants liked my brand of yoga (Siddhi activation) and my brand of teaching it (lots of explainers). The feedback was positive. I met a lot of amazing people and shared insights and perspective with them - some of them were instrumental in my continued stay in Bohol - Joan, Jing, Kaye and Jen. Joan invited me to stay a little longer to join them for a chill fun dive in Panglao, c/o Brylle. That was a lot of fun too.

Sub-teacher at Jing Yoga and Wellness Studio
(April 23-28, 2024) At the festival, I reconnected with Jing, an acquiantance from my 2017 stint in Loboc. She attended my class and perhaps found it positive despite her question, "Why do you say Elon Mush has Siddhi?" She needed a substitute teacher while she was gone for a week - and invited me to teach her classes and stay at her place. Of course I said yes - to me, this was not Jing inviting me but divinity talking to me in a veiled language I now understand.

This episode allowed me to share my yoga, meet new people, make a little money, have a roof over my head and continue my stay in Bohol.

A few weeks later, Jing asked me again if I could sub for her and stay at her place. She changed the compensation ratio which I found discouraging. I said No. This is perhaps the only time I said No to a proposal. I was thinking instead that I would start Kat's project early on. But that didn't happen until May 27. In hindsight, I should have said yes - not for the money but for the opportunities that would have opened up. Now, those doors are closed.

After my teaching stint with nothing else on the horizon, I purchased my boat ticket and secured all documentation with the Coastguard for my trip to Cebu.

Kat's Community Project
(Apr 28 - May 19, 2024) At the festival, I met 2 lovely lawyers who also attended my classes - Kaye and Jen. I received an invite from them after the festival to join them in celebrating Kaye's sister's birthday dinner at the posh Oceanica Resort. That's how I met the celebrant, Kat. She has a powerful presence, a community leader, involved in local politics and can shake and move things. Food was delectable and the conversation fluid and engaging. When I went home, I thought that was the end of it.

Hours before boarding my boat bound for Cebu City, I received a message from Kat, "I just wanted to check sana if youre interested to stay a few more days in Bohol to discuss the possibility of building a community here." I stopped by and decided that my boat for Cebu can leave without me.

Kids'Yoga and Meditation

Moving to Taloto
After 22 days staying at Kat's place, I found a place in Taloto just 2 km from Kat's place for P6k/mo - bedroom, kitchen/dinning and bathroom. For a location that is still considered 'town center', it was very reasonable. I've already seen a few places at that price and they were all a dump. Moving was like deja vu - buying the same things I already bought (and sold cheap) in Siquijor and paying full retail here (water container/dispenser, pillows, kitchen utensils, wifi from the neighbor, etc). But I ended up buying more - electric fan, mattress. The heat is unbearable so I had to use the existing aircon - thank God for this aircon. Without it, I would have been forced to buy a new unit.


I don't trade Bitcoin and I don't know how. But Bitcoin has been on a steady rise and in late Feb, it surpassed its alltime high of PHP 3.2M. In mid March, it hit the PHP 4M mark - a new alltime high. I've only kept a few Satoshis as payment for yoga lessons. The amount wasn't meaningful, but with the rise of BTC and my consistent 'profit-taking' with every rise, I was able to travel, buy with a little less restriction and feel more at ease about the future (if I remain frugal, I can last a year without working). It paved the way for my move out of Siquijor to wherever life takes me in the Philippines.


A milestone was conducting the Siddhi-Activation workshop in Cebu at Re:Fit Wellness Center. This was a first for me and gave promise for more workshops in the future. Shortly after that, I received an invite from Joan to teach a class at the Bohol Yoga Festival. I taught 2 classes of Siddhi-Activation which was a pleasant surprise to the yogis - it was new and my teaching style was different. This became the genesis of more invites to follow. At the event, Jing, owner of Jing Yoga and Wellness in Panglao, asked if I could be a sub-teacher while she goes on holidays for a week. I could house-sit as well. After that, I was invited by Kat to teach yoga as part of her community outreach program. From a planned 3-day stay in Bohol, I was already on indefinite stay with Bantayan put on hold.



Kat PioquintoKat Philippines
When I met Kat at Oceanica for her birthday, I didn't know I'd be entangled almost magically into her web and forfeit my plans to move to Bantayan Island and instead, find roots in Bohol. Just hours before boarding my boat for Cebu, she messaged me about staying a little longer, staying at her place and exploring at possibilities on the horizon. I ended up staying at her place for 3 weeks, doing Yoga Kids and Adult Yoga for her advocacy. There were still projects on the horizon...AI and Life Hacking through Yoga, etc.

my role with Kat was to be an enabler

Kat is a rare breed - beautiful, intelligent, radiant, forceful, results-oriented, self-motivated, and talks faster than a rapid-fire Dillon Aero M134. She combines law (she's a UP Law graduate), politics (Chief of Staff of the governor), spiritual evolution (meditation, conscious awareness, life hacking) and single-parenting (technically married, but practically a single but very capable Mom).

Given our combined ability to manifest our desires, I am drawn to conclude that we manifested each a time when the planets have aligned just waiting for that nudge to begin the domino-effect.

Kat blogs:
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Ending Thoughts

2024 Delivered
Altogether, 2024 delivered. It gave way for transformation and mobility. I had more spendable money with Bitcoin's rise. I moved out of Siquijor, established a new chapter in Bohol, did a few inter-island travels, and opened up my yoga to everyone.

Yes to Life
2024 was characterized by saying Yes to Life by following my instinct, the Aha Moments, looming opportunities, transcending my habitual doubt-talk, and simply being pro-active. When I felt the need to leave Siquijor, I acted on it by venturing out to Negros Occidental, Cebu and Bantayan Island. While in Cebu, I negotiated with several yoga studio owners which culminated in the Siddhi-Activation Workshop. Having decided to move to Bantayan Island, I committed myself to the move and packed all my things and had them trans-shipped to Cebu even though I still had no place in Bantayan. In the middle of my move, I said Yes to to Joan to teach a few yoga classes at the Bohol Yoga Festival (even though it was difficult while I was moving). When Jing invited me to teach at her studio for a week, I said Yes. When I was invited to Kat's birthday celebration, I said Yes. When I was invited by Joan to join the festival crew for a dive in Panglao, I said Yes. Hours before boarding the boat (having purchased my ticket and secured Coastguard clearance for my motorbike), I said Yes to Kat on her invite to stay a few more days and explore possibilities. When I found a suitable place to relocate out of Kat's house, I grabbed it, even though I could have continued staying at Kat's place more than a month more. When I saw that my new place was practically beside the VDT of Bohol University where I held a few talks 7 years ago, I acted on the situation by reaching out to VDT for possible synergies. When Kat broached the Regenesis Project for both of us, I said Yes. When I realized I had to spend more than my usual when I relocated, I said Yes to the increased expenses (double the rent from Siquijor, mattress, electric fan, etc.) even though it was already out of my comfort zone. When I realized that just 1.5 km away was Tubig Daku where I could do my morning yoga, I acted on it by spending my mornings there. I developed acute awareness when opportunities come knocking on my door. There is always an underlying negative self-talk, but being aware, I transcend it by saying Yes to life.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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