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The Silent Killer has Arrived Feb 19-22, 2018

The Silent Killer has Arrived

Location: Loboc (municipality), Bohol (province), Philippines

Blog Chronology:

  1. Cliff Dive at Molave Cove Feb 11, 2018
  2. The Silent Killer has Arrived Feb 19-22, 2018
  3. CT Scan Result Feb 23, 2018
  4. The Silent Killer is Baaack! Jan 12, 2021
Angele ForguesAngele Forgues
(Feb 14, 2018) "I agree with everyone who said you should get a doctor to make sure there aren't any internal issues. There are many silent killers even if you feel fine."

Vertigo on the 8th Day
My extension of Loboc was marked by an alarming development. Seven days into my recovery from the failed cliff-dive without any other symptom, I thought I was off the hook...that I have gone beyond the critical phase.

But on the 8th day, my head started spinning - I could not even stand up unless I hold on to something. This went on without reprieve for the rest of the day. I couldn't function. If there was nothing serious about my fall, I should be on the way to recovery. But a symptom like this appearing after 8 days? It means the hidden injury had 8 days to ferment, fester and grow to a point the symptom could no longer be hidden. I guess the silent killer has arrived. This was more frightening to me than the actual impact. Apparently, my self-healing wasn't enough.

The Silent Killer has Arrived
everything around me was spinning

Worst Case Scenario
I panicked and thought about the worst case scenario - that I ruptured a blood vessel in my brain and I was having a slow bleeding so the symptom took 8 days to show up. What if I need surgery but I don't opt for it? Would I forever have this vertigo and not function normally? Goodbye travel? goodbye yoga? goodbye fitness? Is this acceptable? I was petrified.

Exercisable Options
I began looking at my options:

  1. continue self-healing - my yoga or healing capability is powerful and saw me through many travails, but for this much damage, it is not enough. It needs more help...perhaps from the medical side.
  2. seek medical help - I vowed not to resort to this but this was making more sense now that self-healing proved insufficient. Other people with more serious damage have come back in one piece. I hope this will be the case for me.
  3. go to a cave, meditate and not come out - if all else fails and I am debilitated by this affliction, then this is my last card. Either I come out of the cave completely healed or I don't come out at all. I've had a good life with no regrets. And I'm not attached to existence. I'd just disappear without bothering anyone. No one would even feel my absence.

    But at this early point, I know I'm racing ahead of myself. I believe my situation can be helped by medical intervention + my self-healing. There is no need yet for such drastic action.

Medical Help
I asked help from doctors who once attended my yoga class. They were helpful and generous. I was told that I may be suffering from a brain concussion where bleeding hasn't stopped. The bleeding will cause pressure, blood clot, the vertigo I was feeling, and ultimately, if left untreated, death. One prescribed a drug that would contain damage on the brain nerve endings - but it won't stop the bleeding. I bought the drug. I was strongly advised to get a CT scan to determine the full extent of the injury.

What is CT (CAT) Scan
CT Scan is an imaging of bones, soft tissue and blood vessels without any of the organs overlayering themselves (unlike xray), so it provides a detailed and clear imagery of the internal body. It lays the groundwork for specific surgery (vs exploratory surgery).

In my case, it can reveal if I have any cranial fracture or bleeding. Initially, I did not want to entertain it. Why? If the CT Scan proves there is bleeding or cranial fracture, the course of action is to open me up - there is no medication for it. Well, that's not an option for me. So, why bother? I will have to take my chance.

Friendly Persuasion
But some caring friends who probably know what's best for me, would not take NO for an answer, even insisting to pay for it and threatening to cut ties with me if I don't go with the CT scan. I'm touched but I don't want to take their money - the universe has always provided. You guys know who you you ! I've agreed to take the CT scan for them - not me. It's also my universe's way to taking me out of my stubborn behavior - should that be the case.

JT (Feb 20, 2018) "I can help you if you need to buy medicine or pay for doctor's consultation, ok? Please reach out. I'm just here."

CC (Feb 22, 2018) "I would like to support you with the CT scan. Please do it. You risk your life for your stupid conclusion. Give me your bank account now! Make the appointment and do the CT scan today. If you don't accept my offer, then don't consider me your friend anymore."

Medical Cost
I haven't been sick in years, so the cost of medical help is alien to me. It's ironic that my chosen poverty has kept me in a bubble from money matters. Had I gone through the entire process, it would rack up this much:

P1000 - consultation fee (thank God they waived this - thank you Docs!)
P1000 - medicine for the brain nerves (I didn't even get the 2nd medicine which was to alleviate the vertigo)
P4100 - CT Scan
P6,100 - total, not including what else might follow (hospitalization, doctor's fees, medication, surgical fees, etc.)

I digress, but I'm thinking, "Wow, where does this leave the minimum wage earner who makes P250/day after a back-breaking 8-hour work?". What does he do when he gets sick? Where will he get the money from? No wonder people leave this country for a greener pasture. I feel my country's pain...damn politicians!

Waiting Game
For now, it's a waiting game. I don't know how long this vertigo lasts. Will this be a permanent fixture on my landscape? If so, then my life will change drastically. From the 9th-10th day, the vertigo lessened, allowing me to function a little. I have my good days and my bad days. Until I fully recover, my workout and yoga days are probably over. This might mean canceling my travel plan mid March. I don't really know what happens next. In the meantime, I'll continue my medication and self-healing.

Ending Thoughts
This was a rude awakening for me. For the last so many years, I was doing things from a position of strength, independence, empowerment and derring-do optimism - nothing was impossible. I felt strong with the power of the Big Bang behind me.

With a flip of a switch, I now face my own mortality - broken, helpless, vulnerable, weak and alone. At times, I cannot even standup without holding on to something. It is humbling.

Perhaps I need to go through this if only to gain perspective on what it's like to be on the other side - to appreciate all over again how fragile life is. Perhaps my runaway ego had to be reigned-in. My mind was racing. To what exactly do I amount to after all these years of existence? Did I just occupy space? Did I become the catalyst for all the positive changes I wanted to see on the planet? Or did I just use my freedom to pursue a hedonistic life of self-indulgence? So many thoughts flooding into my mind.

I'll go for the CT scan tomorrow. If I come out of this in one piece, it would be a new lease on life.

--- TheLoneRider
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Reader Comments:

Greg HutchinsonGH
(Mar 3, 2018) Didn't know you'd come a cropper. How are you, mate? Anything I can do just holla! Get well.

Mimi LewisMimi Lewis
(Mar 2, 2018) Get well soon

Kalyetista MiaKalyetista Mia
(Mar 2, 2018) Keep blissful, Gigit!

Ana LuqueAna Luque
(Mar 2, 2018) one more lesson brother, they're asking to let go your ego and surrender to your higher self.. it is now or ... never ... sending you metta and peace ... I don't see getting your body back to action will be to get well... you are the warrior !!

Angelica MarieAngel
(Mar 2, 2018) You always got Lady Luck on your side Gigit. Don't push it. Haha. be more careful! 🙂 Stay well!

Gigi ManaloGigi Manalo
(Mar 2, 2018) Get Well Gigit! from ONDABAG!

Jean-jacques GautierJean-jacques Gautier
(Mar 1, 2018) Get better soon!

Hannah Abigail RamosAbigail
(Mar 1, 2018) God bless you always, Gigit!

(Mar 1, 2018) Slow down cousin, we're not getting any younger

(Feb 23, 2018) I just read your latest post re the possible concussion you may have sustained. I'm glad you have pushy friends. While eastern methods are powerful, there is no need to discount what western methods have accomplished. I'm a big believer in using all of the tools available. I hope it doesn't sound trite, but you are not alone. I would never 'disown' the friendship as an ultimatum, but please hear me offer to assist if I can if that would make any part of this easier. Medications I know are not your first choice, but if they become necessary, do not let cost be the barrier. Also, try not to loose faith. You are being supported by a benevolent Universe that is supporting you. Hopefully this message comes as further evidence of that. Your place is not scuttled away in a cave 🙂 you have too much to offer, in any state. Perhaps consider that each person who offers/has offered to help may be providing you opportunities to receive, experience vulnerability, or simply allow (aka surrender). Just a thought. I hope you continue to improve and I look forward to the progress updates, that I know your global community is also waiting to hear. Take care Gigit

Judith EugenioJudith Eugenio Philippines
Bazi & Feng Shui Consultancy
(Feb 23, 2018) stay healthy Gigit

Leo ManLeo Man
(Feb 23, 2018) Dre, Pagaling ka, hope to see you again soon

Ana KostakosAna Kostakos Greece
(Feb 23, 2018) Speedy recovery and be careful with yourself

Rakesh DhassRakesh Dhass
(Feb 23, 2018) Get well soon Gigit!

Thaziarra Taningco De GuzmanThaziarra
(Feb 23, 2018) Get well Gigit 🙂

Chari ClarisaChari Clarisa
(Feb 23, 2018) Get well soon... 🙂

Erica BoucherErica USA
Erica Boucher: International Yoga Travel
(Feb 23, 2018) Wow, Gigit. I'm sending you so much love and seeing you fully healed!

Alex AguilarAlex Aguilar
(Feb 23, 2018) Be well 'Git!!!!

Roselyn MerlinRoselyn Philippines
Surigao City Tourism Office
(Feb 23, 2018) Take care always sir Gigit..

Mikey ChongMike Singapore
(Feb 23, 2018) Gigit, just fucking go and take a ct scan. and see how it goes. u are to young to fucking die. fuck. we will see each other again. in this current life. so hang on.

JaQx VillamorJaQx Villamor
(Feb 23, 2018) Oh my........ hoping you'd recover fast....

Atlantic SpiritAtlantic Spirit Portugal
(Feb 23, 2018) I am so glad you are well. Didn't realise this was happening. Sending you my love 🙏

Editha KnetschEditha Knetsch
(Feb 23, 2018) praying for you, get well soon

Ca IsabelCa Isabel
(Feb 23, 2018) I'm confident that ul gonna be ok Git. I know ur strong inside out. Just stay strong. Seek medical help if ul need it. Sending positive healing prayers for your fast recovery

Mawil HermogenesMawil Hermogenes
(Feb 23, 2018) 🙂 🙏

Robert IgnacioRobert Ignacio
(Feb 23, 2018) metta

Romeo JavierRomeo Javier
(Feb 23, 2018) Get well soon, Gigit 🙏

Pinky CabreraPinky
(Feb 23, 2018) Git,better follow the doctors. Sending you healing prayers! 🙏

Cecilia Guadalupe MarasiganCecilia Guadalupe Marasigan
(Feb 23, 2018) I remember the wife of an actor who after her ski accident, she thought she was ok but was comatose in the evening and gone

Lea AgravaLea Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) Sending a healing wave of energy your way

Janice Liuson-YoungJanice Liuson-Young
(Feb 23, 2018) Praying for you

Andro Aytona AcurantesAndro Acurantes
(Feb 23, 2018) 🙂

Tosca Therine Torres CortezTosca Cortez
(Feb 23, 2018) Get well soon, Gigit!

Ed MateoEd Mateo
(Feb 23, 2018) All the best and hope you get better soon!

Joanna Co LizaresJoanna Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) hay naku Git!

Tope Noriel OrdoņezTope Noriel Ordoņez
(Feb 23, 2018) pagaling man! 🙂

Ronski BeskiRonski Beski
(Feb 23, 2018) Sending healing thoughts.

AnnaAnna Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) Be well Gigit! Sending you love and light.

Korina CorderoKorina Cordero
(Feb 23, 2018) Git, I hope everything will be okay.

Clarita SanchezClarita Sanchez
(Feb 23, 2018) sending you more metta, Gigit

Benilyn FormosoBenilyn Formoso
(Feb 23, 2018) God be with you Git. Praying for your recovery

Mark WallbankMark United Kingdom
Endemic Pursuit Tours (birdwatching)
(Feb 23, 2018) Thinking positive thoughts for you Gigit - get well soon m8

Aneth GaloyAneth Galoy
(Feb 23, 2018) Everything will be ok Gigit, sending you a million hugs of good vibes

Ferd AguilarFerd Aguilar
(Feb 23, 2018) emergency room agad Git!!!

Laura PearceLaura United Kingdom
(Feb 23, 2018) Sending healing and loving vibes your way dear Gigit

Tony AnchetaTony Philippines
Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe
(Feb 23, 2018) Healing prayers bro 🙏

Ria Concepcion-NicolasRia Concepcion-Nicolas
(Feb 23, 2018) All will be well

Enrique BendichoEnrique Bendicho
(Feb 23, 2018) Positive vibrations going your way. GWS

Ladylyn Montalbo-KongLadylyn Montalbo-Kong
(Feb 23, 2018) Thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery Git

Leonard LansangLeonard Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) Will pray for good results Gigit! Let us know result after you do it please

Lita QuisumbingLita Quisumbing
(Feb 23, 2018) 🙏 🙏 🙏

Zoe Valones ArugayDoc Zoe Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) Glad you've been persuaded to take a CT Scan. I'll be one of them waiting for your results. Take care!

EC VelayoEC Velayo
(Feb 23, 2018) get well soon sir...glad your CT SCAN result is within normal limits Gigit, another chance to explore and live

Jojo Pio RodaJojo Pio Roda
(Feb 23, 2018) Go get treatment ASAP, Git. Worry about the finances later. God will find a way.

Judy MarianuJudy Marianu
(Feb 23, 2018) Take care Gigit!

Katia PerezKatia Colombia
(Feb 23, 2018) Take good care of you and allow those lovely and kind souls close to you now to help you as well. Life is fragile as strong... we all are. Sending a big hug Gigit Sulit

Edwin ContrerasEdwin Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) Hope u will be fine

Puje VillartaPuje Villarta
(Feb 23, 2018) Sending good vibes! All will be well

Cecile IgnacioCecile Ignacio
(Feb 23, 2018) Hey, praying for your full recovery and a good CT scan result. Take care.

Sabrina SchindlerSabrina Schindler
(Feb 23, 2018) 🙂

Ems ReyesEms Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) Hoping for the best

Angele ForguesAngele Forgues
(Feb 23, 2018) Thank goodness you are getting the scan. Sometimes you need to tap into the medical tech world to get a clear picture, especially in this scenario. Be well Gigit and thanks for keeping us all informed. xo

Mark RomanoMark Romano
(Feb 23, 2018) Hope you get well soon, Gigit

Jackie SanchezJackie
(Feb 23, 2018) Be healed, Git!

Francesca RegalaFrancesca Philippines
Yoga Sadhana Journeys
(Feb 23, 2018) Oh my Gigit! Am glad you are getting a CTScan, hoping for positive results. Thank you for sharing your journey,sending well wishes love and healing your way. Take care

Fredd OchavoFredd Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) Get well soon, Gigit....I had vertigo before. It lasted 2 days and disappeared on its own. I hope the result of your CT scan will reveal no serious condition.

MaryShelah Y. BahenaMaryShelah
(Feb 23, 2018) Take Care Gigit! Warm thoughts.

Jade LazagaJade Lazaga
(Feb 23, 2018) Get well soon Gigit

Jom DaclanJom Daclan Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) I'm looking forward to the results of the CT scan. Let us know if there's any help you need. Ingat dyan, Gigit.

Lora Frances LorenteLora Frances Lorente
200-RYT | 500-RYT
(Feb 23, 2018) Sending you healing vibes!! Full recovery ahead Gigit!

Jenny SagabayJenny
(Feb 23, 2018) Hoping for your fast recovery, Gigit 🙂

Mel Seco SosobanMel Seco Sosoban
(Feb 23, 2018) Praying for ur fast healing sir Git 🙂 🙏

Alexander BangcayaAlex Philippines
Lyconet Americas
(Feb 23, 2018) Be well bro...

ReAnne GamboaReAnne Philippines
(Feb 23, 2018) Have your ears checked also Kuya Git. Infection, ruptured part or trapped water may cause vertigo. Ear is connected to balance. Problem there after diving may cause vertigo only without pain or other symptoms. Hope you'll be ok soon 🙂

Aisling Ni FhaolainAisling South Africa
(Feb 23, 2018) So sorry to hear that you've been through all that Gigit. Sending love and well wishes for a speedy and full recovery

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Loboc Map
Google Map

Loboc, Bohol, Philippines

tourist attractions in Bohol tourist attractions hotels in Bohol hotel

Bohol Travel Info/Tips

Bohol FYI / Tips

  • the tourist area where most of the hotels, restaurants, ticket offices, tour operators are, is located within the Alona Beach area
  • the tourist attractions in Bohol are far apart and spread-out. It would be difficult to visit them all using public mass transit. Better hire a van (P3500/day) if in a big group, or rent a motorcycle (P400/day + gas)
  • Bohol relies on its tourism for revenue. As expected, everything they can capitalize on from tourism is extensively used and developed

Tagbilaran Port to Panglao

You can charter any tricycle from the port all the way to Panglao (~P300), but if you want to do it on the cheap,
  1. don't take the tricycles lined-up inside the port. Walk past the port gate and immediately outside, you'll see many tricycles. Take one to the bus terminal in Dao (~P15)
  2. in Dao, take the jeep that plies the Panglao route (~P20)

Tagbilaran (Bohol) to Cebu City by boat

** schedules and rates keep changing, call for latest schedule
  1. Weesam Express - departs 6:15 AM, 11:30 AM, 4:00 PM
    one way: Economy (aircon) P500.00, Economy (non-aircon) P400.00, First Class P600.00
    round trip promo (at least 2 days advance booking): Economy (aircon) P600, Economy(non-aircon) P500, First Class P1200
    round trip promo (1 day or on the day booking): Economy (aircon) P800, Economy (non-aircon) P700, First Class P1200
  2. Ocean Jet - departs 6-7:05-8:20-9:20-11:40AM, 1-2-3:30-4:20-5:30-6:30PM, 2 hours, arrives Pier 1 in Cebu
    Open Air / Tourist Class P800, Business Class P1000
    +63(32)255 7560 / +63 (32) 255 0115 / 0917 638 0000
  3. SuperCat (2GO) - departs 5:50-11AM, 3:45-5:25-8:15PM, arrives Pier 1 in Cebu
    P 500.00
    +63 32 233 7000

Things to do, Places to go in Bohol

  1. Chocolate Hills - this is a clustering of more than 1200 hills within a 50km2 area. They range in height from 30-50 meters. What's unusual is their near-perfect conical shape resembling an individual chocolate chip. No one knows how they were formed. Entrance is P50/pax.
  2. Tarsier Conservation Area - located Upper Bonbon, Loboc. The tarsiers are no longer being played at by tourists as circus props, but instead, visitors now view them in cordoned-off areas in their natural 6ha habitat. As they are territorial and nocturnal, they are predictable on where they can be viewed. P50/pax.
  3. Alona Beach (Panglao) - Alona Beach is the tourist hub of Bohol. It has 1.5 kms of white sand beach lined-up by bars, hotels and restos. Alona is also the jump-off point for Balicasag Island, a world class dive destination.
  4. Danao Adventure Park - located in Barangay Magtangtang, 72 kms (2 hours ride) from Tagbilaran. Adventure activities include river trekking, tyrolean traverse, rappelling, bouldering, rock climbing and ziplining.


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